Final palette and it’s first sketch…Edmond’s House (read through to see the sketch)

We arrived in Belize yesterday, and I’ve been inspired by the scenery. It’s much more tropical than the area of Costa Rica that we visit, and that’s made me think again about wanting to see more of my favorite country. It will have to be a trip that’s longer than a week, though. It would be hard to sacrifice time at my beach, though.

I went on a nice walk early this morning, and at 6:00 a.m. the sun was already quite strong. It was interesting to stroll along the road and see the residents of Burrell Boom beginning their day..,waiting for the school bus or headed to work. Along the way I ran into the father of the bride. He asked me what I was doing out there, and whether I knew my way back to the hotel, and laughed when I responded by saying that as long as I keep going straight I’m okay.
We chose to spend the day by the pool and just relax. I kept looking at the house across the river. It turns out that it’s Edmond’s house. His mother lives there while he now lives on this side. I guessed correctly that it was her laughing at him as he jumped into the river to try to recapture his paddle. I met Edmond when he came by after noticing my painting, exclaiming, “That’s my house!” I was quite flattered to honor his request for a photo of it.

Oh, and here’s how the painting turned out.

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