I value design in every aspect of my life as an amateur watercolor artist, home decorator, chef, and educator. I have found that continuous growth and employing iterative processes and design thinking is essential, whether related to color study, culinary technique, travel planning, or the pedagogy of learning.

In my 24th year as an educator, I am currently in my second year as the K-12 Digital Literacy Administrator K-12 public school district. In this role I have the opportunity to put my passions to work, supporting educators to use technology in exciting new ways, and designing learning experiences that engage and motivate students. It’s my dream job, and I am fortunate to have been gifted with this opportunity.

As an artist, I incorporate my love of color, travel, and observation into sketches with watercolor, pen and ink. I have found that I no longer return from trips with volumes of photos. Instead I have found enjoyment in the peacefulness that comes from sitting, observing, and sketching; I look over my sketchbooks and relive experiences frequently, something I have rarely done with the tens of thousands of photos I have taken over time. Each sketch subject is carefully chosen, whether a special scene for my travel journal or the garden landscape at home, and evokes memories and recaptures the feeling of the experience.

I originally created this site as an assignment for a design thinking course that was part of an instructional technology education program. I needed a place to post my work, and another platform I had been using for blogging about my art, travel, and food exploration was not sophisticated enough to meet the tech needs. Since completing the program, I brushed the dust off this site, converted the coursework posts to be archived, and started anew.

I am happiest when I am surrounded by color, at the beach, particularly in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, or dining on interesting cuisine.What you will find here are my musings about art, travel, design, and creation. Welcome.

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